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Whether designing a fall-winter collection or adding some classic prints to your ready-to-wear collection, we're here with a plethora of trending patterns in line with global trend forecasts. Get in touch now to explore all the mood boards.

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Abstract Lush

Pandemic has given the oppurtunity to the artists to turn towards the nature for inspiration, and transformed the real into the surreal.

As #designfordigital remains a key design ethos, adopt the same mentality by turning forests and florals into the abstract forms, whether it be via colour, distortion or kaleidoscopic repeats.

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Abstract Lush 2

Abstract Lush 3

Abstract Lush 4

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Amplified Nature

Amplified versions of nature inspired prints showcasing the vivid details from the bud to flower giving a poetic edge to the looks.

The print story displays intricacies, hd vision and a digital take on modern floral patterns.

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Amplified Nature 02

Amplified Nature 03

Amplified Nature 04

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Home Gardenia

Horticultural-themed prints for the growing fond of apartment farming admist the rising urbanisation.

Accelerated by the pandemic, the home and garden continue to offer a place of sanctuary, inspiring from a flurry of table linen prints, picnic blanket checks, vintage furnishing ditsies and fruit and vegetable conversationals.

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Home Gardenia 02

Home Gardenia 03

Home Gardenia 04

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Look to the surreal and fantastical to inspire new markings for artsy prints. Scribbled, sketchy, artististic graphics inspired from wall arts , artists and notebooks etc.

Familiar but fresh, this is a must have direction for youth ranges, especially to create statement patterns to the wardrobe

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Hypergraphia 02

Hypergraphia 03

Hypergraphia 04

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Pigmented Blooms

Floral color stains, inspired from eco printed textiles , or watercolor effects resembling a florals story

A vital role of colors to bring out the essence of pattern and a twist with play of textures and effects

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Pigmented Blooms 03

Pigmented Blooms 04

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